Custom/OEM Panel Shop



eMotion Controls has over 10 years of panel building experience. Control panels are built to exacting standards and carry a certified Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Certification Stamp of Approval* as an assembled panel. Our panel builders are dedicated to the most professional panels in the industry. How many times have you opened the door on an enclosure, and wished you didn't? A lot of companies do not feel that it is important what the inside of an enclosure looks like, as long as it works. At eMotion we feel the detail and aesthetics of a panel are just as important as its functionality. In fact, a clean and well marked panel is part of the enclosures functionality when it comes time to troubleshoot a problem, find a blown fuse, or simply add a circuit.

All Our Control panels are completely shop-tested prior to shipment thus eliminating wasted time debugging and troubleshooting on-site. In addition we offer on-site support should you ever experience any issues during installation.

We have Extensive in-house engineering knowledge in Motion Control, Material Handling, Finishing and Coating, and Process Control applications. This gives us an advantage of other panel build shops because we can correct any design errors or omissions in the schematics before they cause delays in your installation schedule. We can also assist you in updating your CAD files to reflect any changes.

*if required