Industrial Network Services


Whether you need tbuild a network from the ground up or re-engineer an existing network, eMotion Controls can help create a reliable and secure communications system that optimizes the flow of information between your business systems and production equipment. Tcreate the system, our highly trained network consultants utilize field proven techniques tassess your business objectives and operational requirements. This investigation includes staff and executive interviews, network audits, site surveys and analysis of business and technical metrics. Upon completion of the study, a detailed development plan is delivered that outlines a comprehensive strategy for integrating your business and/or control networks. The basic plan includes:

  • Conception of network architecture (LAN, WAN, GAN, wireless)
  • Recommended network components (hardware, software, cabling, etc.)
  • Performance prediction
  • Performance feasibility study
  • Bandwidth utilization study
  • Network security strategy
  • Integration strategy for control and business network
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and VLANs
  • Virus prevention and filtering
  • Security options and strategy
  • Remote access options
  • Redundant options
  • General documentation
  • Estimated implementation timeline and cost
eMotion Controls has the experience and expertise tdesign Information and Control networks tailored tapplications of almost any size or scope - high integrity networks that will maximize system performance and uptime. Network design services include:

Specification of all network components
  • Hardware (Ethernet switches, hubs, repeaters, routers, firewalls, etc.)
  • ControlNet, DeviceNet scanners and devices
  • Software (BootP, DHCP, DNS, etc.)
  • Physical Media (cables, connectors, repeaters, transceivers, nodes, wire drops, etc.)
  • Placement of wireless access points through site survey
Network Performance Calculation
  • Identify media/segment types
  • Check max nodes/repeaters
  • Calculate maximum attenuation/tap count
  • Check maximum cable length
  • Calculate power loss budget
Logical and physical network drawings

Redundant system configuration

eMotion Controls designs tmeet or exceed the standards, guidelines, and components specified - but not restricted to by the following trade organizations and agencies: TIA/EIA (Telecom Industry Association/Electric Industry Association), ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association), and CNI (ControlNet International).

Only an experienced industrial automation contractor should be used to install your industrial network. A proper, installation is critical to system performance and reliability. Our engineers have managed the installation of industrial networks in a broad range of applications at sites located around the world. This experience helps ensure that your network installation will be done right the first time - on schedule and on budget. Network installation services include:
  • Project management
  • Identify tasks and estimate required labor
  • Create and maintain installation schedule
  • Provide detailed quotation outlining all project costs
  • Obtain all network equipment and components
  • Supervise and document physical installation of network
  • Physical installation and connection of all components

Communication networks are the backbone of you entire operation. When a significant slowdown or downtime occurs, it can cripple production and seriously impact your bottom line. Even lost communication from one machine can severely hinder your ability to maintain the production efficiencies you've worked so hard to obtain.

Unfortunately, for many companies, the complexity of today's networks often makes it difficult to quickly identify and resolve problems. To help troubleshoot network problems and restore full functionality, eMotion Controls offers complete on-site callout service. Utilizing many of the same diagnostic tools used to certify existing systems, our network engineers can often pinpoint the source of trouble quickly, execute corrective action and minimize downtime.