On-Site Support Services
Emergency / Repair / Scheduled Troubleshooting Services

Day or night, eMotion Controls field support engineers across West Michigan are available for dispatch on an as needed basis to help troubleshoot and resolve unplanned downtime events or problems affecting critical operations. All service calls are billed on a time and material basis. Contact 247@eMotioncontrols.com to schedule a service call.

Benefits and Features

  • Trained engineers dispatched to your site
  • Start-up and application assistance
  • Special projects
  • Peak workloads
  • Production Problem resolution
  • Technical Support during maintenance activity
  • Emergency breakdown 24x7x365 support
  • Skills matched to your application or problem
  • Non-contract required
  • Requests for emergency service answered in 15 minutes 24x7x365

Preventative Maintenance Programs
We strive to keep improving the Reliability, Availability and Efficiency of today's automation technologies. Annual maintenance programs will our field support engineers at your site proactively for a scheduled number of visits throughout the year*. During each visit, our engineers perform a predefined set of preventive maintenance activities to help maximize the availability, reliability and efficiency of your automation equipment.

  • Reduce unplanned downtime and related problems
  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Increase equipment life
  • Budget a fixed annual maintenance cost
  • Improve machine and production performance
  • Identify machine problems proactively, before a breakdown occurs
  • Improve internal troubleshooting capabilities and machine operator skills
  • Obtain skilled resources to quickly and efficiently complete updates/upgrades of automation systems and equipment
  • Leverage the full technical resources and service capabilities of the largest company in the world singularly focused on industrial automation
  • Supplement operations/maintenance staff during peak work loads or special projects
  • Fully protect your biggest investment - your operations
  • Documentation of system specifications
  • Control, electrical, and mechanical inspection of automation systems and equipment
  • Drive calibration, tuning and adjustment
  • Software program back-up (where applicable)
  • On-the-job training for equipment operators and maintenance staff
  • Priority dispatch for emergency repairs
  • Documentation of equipment performance and maintenance process in equipment logbook
  • Regular status/summary reviews of equipment performance and maintenance process
* After-hours or holiday service optional
* additional charge for after-hours service

Conversion Services
From the initial planning stages through installation, start-up, operation and maintenance, you can count on eMotion Controls to help you successfully convert existing programmable controllers, drives and motors to newer technologies - and fully realize the benefits of those technologies. On-Site Conversion Services are available for:
  • Replacing an AC or DC drive with current technology
  • Replacing a Robot with current technology
  • Replacing a PLC controller with current technology
  • Replacing a CNC drive/motor/controller with current technology
  • Updating automation software and communication/OIT technology
  • Implementing or converting a network for your data collection capabilities.