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A Standby Power System is necessary because of the reality of today's unpredictable tragedies and the security of response that Americans demand. Let eMotion Controls design a SPS for your home or office today.

6 reasons to choose a Standby Power System:

  • Peace of Mind
    Whether you are home or away, power is automatically transferred to key circuits in your home during an outage, protecting your family while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in property damage.
  • Convenience
    A permanent connection to your power supply via a power transfer switch automatically provides uninterrupted power to your home when the power goes out. Environmentally friendly low-cost fuels like Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provide a safe, continuous fuel supply, eliminating the need for extension cords or messy gas cans.
  • Reliable Performance
    At the heart of the generator is a high performance, fully-featured OHV engine. Designed for ultimate longevity and performance, the engine is powerful enough to work with homes that have low fuel pressure, eliminating the need for a costly additional pressure regulator.
  • Unobtrusive Design
    A sleek housing and small footprint make for subtle yet functional operation. Sound absorbing panels and an automotive muffler also keep sound to neighbor-friendly levels.
  • Continuous Low-Cost Fuel Supply
    A permanent hook-up to Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provides a safe, virtually continuous automatic fuel supply eliminating the inconvenient connection steps required with portable generators.
  • Unparalleled Support
    Backed by one of the most comprehensive service networks in West Michigan every Standby Power System comes with expert installation and unparalleled support.
Installing your Standby Power System

eMotion Controls has designed an installation program that includes a starting price point of $699.00 for a basic installation of the system.   Materials and final installation pricing is determined after we have had the opportunity to inspect and survey the site.

Basic Installation Includes:
  • Delivery of the generator system to the site you have selected for the installation.
  • Any necessary permitting required by local codes.
  • Installation of generator unit, composite pad, and gas connection.
  • Installation of one of the following Automatic Transfer Switch Options: 50, 100 or 200 amp. Depending on your particular requirements, the switch may be installed inside or outside you home. All switches are hardwired into your home or business for automatic response to power failure.
  • The transfer switch is installed within 2 ft. of the main distribution panel and 30 ft from the generator inlet box.
  • Once the installation is complete, we will perform a final start up inspection of the system and complete a start up checklist form.
  • Clean-up of installation debris after the installation is completed.
  • Any additional work required replacing existing electrical systems on site prior to installation, or anything discovered during installation will require an additional quote. Quotes will be presented for approval prior to completion any installation.
Configure Your Standby Power System:

Use our power system configuration module to build the perfect system for you. Enter the system configuration module here.

*A one time preventative maintenance agreement is recommended to keep your system in tip top shape.